Our Top Crypto Currencies

Here are the BTB Crypto top 10 crypto currencies

1 – (BTC) Bitcoin – Bitcoin is the OG crypto and that’s why its still number one!

2 – (ETH) Ethereum – Ethereum is close to number one for us, a great platform with a great team. Our ETH bags are heavy

4 – (XMR) Monero – Monero is a personal favourite of mine. Its one of the only true anonymous crypto currencies out there and we respect that! It has huge respect in the market, Monero should be in everyones portfolio

4 – (OMG) Omise Go – OMG is in a bit of a slump currently but that is consistent with the whole market. Right now we think OMG is a great buy

5 – (NEO) Neo – Known by some as “The Chinese Ethereum” Neo is a great platform. With several good ICOs and regulation FUD behind it, NEO is looking good. We also have large investments in GAS, the fuel that runs the Neo network

6 – (XRP) Ripple – Before the hate mail starts, yes, we do own Ripple. And yes, we do know its not decentralised ๐Ÿ˜‰ XRP has a very good chance at integrating with major banking players and for that reason it has to be up there

7 – (BNB) Binance Coin – BNB has had a great few months. The rise of the exchange coin is well and truely here! I am not accumulating any BNB currently as I am hoping for a retrace in the near future, if it comes back down in price ill be all over it

8 – (POWR) Power Ledger – We have high hopes for Power Ledger, a great Australian team with a great solar power sharing product. We have had great gains with this coin and its definitely in our long term hold bag

9 – (ZEN) ZenCash – Zen Cash is another privacy coin. We were torn on this one as we support ZEC, ZEN and ZCoin but we have decided ZEN is our pick for number nine. We hold Zen Cash and have no thoughts of cashing out anytime soon

10 – (UUU) U Network – UUU is our Hail Mary of the list. A decentralised publishing platform that is super cheap. We see this industry booming in the next few years and think U Network could take off. Risky buy but could payoff big!

And thats our list. We will update the list every three months and give an update on how are picks are going. None of this is financial advice and please do your own research on every coin you buy. Like everything in Crypto, it is all a risk so be safe and good luck!

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