How to buy Crypto on Coinbase

How to buy Crypto on Coinbase

How to buy on Coinbase

  • Click here to go to Coinbase ⇒
  • Click Sign Up in the top right corner of the screen

  • Fill out your details and then click Create Account
  • You will now receive an email to your designated address to verify your account, go ahead and click the link in that email

  • You will then be prompted to enable 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). This will either be via text message or the Google Authenticator app – DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP, 2FA IS VITAL IN SECURING YOUR ACCOUNT
  • Once 2FA is setup you are ready to purchase crypto! These option will depend on your country but are generally straight forward. Once you have purchased your crypto we can now keep it stored on Coinbase or move it to an exchange or casino to play or trade with

Sending Crypto from Coinbase

  • First click on Account in the top menu bar

  • Now click on the Send button of the currency you wish to send (BTC in this case)

  • This will bring up the send dialog box, This is where you want to enter the amount and details of the wallet you are sending your crypto to
  • Note – When you create accounts on Exchanges or Casinos they will automatically setup the walled address for you, simply go to your account settings on the exchange or casino and into accounts settings (may also be referred to as “deposit” section. Within this section you will see your crypto wallet address as a long string of characters. Copy this address into the Coinbase box (as show below), add the amount you wish to send  and click continue

  • The last step will be to verify all details (double check the address) and click send, you’re all done
  • Note – most accounts will take 2-3 confirmations before the funds are deposited. This can be as quick as seconds or as long as an hour depending on network traffic
  • If you are worried about the transaction there are ways to check on its progress, let us know if you want more information on this, we are happy to help!


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