Live Crypto Blackjack With Side Bets!

Live Crypto Blackjack With Side Bets!

I have browsed the 1XBit Casino site before but never signed up or looked too deeply. After a tip from my friends over at r/blackjack I jumped on. To my amazement they had 8 live casinos to choose from, granted only a few of them were half decent. Evo Gambling is the main provider I use, I know it, its clean and Ive never had issues. Once I joined a game I saw some familiar friends… Perfect pairs and 21+3 side bets 🙂

For any of you that don’t know, side bets are bets that you can put on next to your standard win loss blackjack bet. You can only play these side bets when playing a hand of blackjack and you cannot bet on other peoples side bets (although at the brick and mortar casino it is common place to do this). I saw these everywhere when playing fiat gambling sites but haven’t seen them on any crypto casinos whatsoever.

These are not the smartest bets as the house edge is higher than a regular blackjack hand but personally I still enjoy them. If I am on a big winning streak or just playing with a bunch of friends, we will put some side bets on. I have hit the suited trips a few times and that 100:1 odd is unreal to win.

So here is a bit more info about the side bets on 1XBit –

Perfect Pairs

The Perfect Pairs side bet gives you the chance to win if your first two cards comprise any pair – for example, two Queens, two Aces or two 5s. There are also three types of perfect pairs, each with a different payout.

Perfect Pairs – same suit, e.g. two Aces of Spades

Coloured Pair – different suits of the same colour, e.g. 10 of Hearts + 10 of Clubs

Mixed Pair – different suits of a different colour, e.g. 10 of Hearts + 10 of Clubs

21 + 3

The 21+3 side bet gives you the chance to win if your first two cards plus the dealers upcard comprise any of the following winning combinations (similar to those of poker) –

Suited Trips – an identical triplet, e.g. 3 Queen of Hearts

Straight Flush – in numerical sequence suited, e.g. 10, Jack, King all Diamonds

Three of a Kind – same value but different suits, e.g. any 3 non matching Aces

Straight – in numerical sequence but different suits, e.g. 2 of Spades + 3 and 4

Clubs – Flush – non-sequential cards in the same suit, e.g. 2, 6 and 10 of Spades

If you want to give side bets a try, sign up to 1xBit below!

We are currently working on our 1xBit casino review, it will not take our number one spot but it does have a bunch of games including sports betting. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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