Take Advantage of Casino Bonuses

Take Advantage of Casino Bonuses

How to get the most out of casino bonuses

My first dip into online casinos was pretty much just because of the crazy bonuses. It was 150% for first deposit! Although there are limitations, that is still pretty damn good and gave me a chance to put their money in play and see that it was all above board.

I played some computer blackjack, got up $100 and then hit some slot machines. There were some wins here and there like you would expect in a physical casino, and then bang one big one. I was up to 1k. It was at this stage it got serious and I started to feel the thousand dollars in my pocket, I checked and I still had a heap of wagering to do before I could cash out. I basically did the same thing, alternating between blackjack and slots (as slots got through the requirements quicker). I ended up cashing out $600 and thought “this is too easy!”.

I changed casino sites and ended up cashing out $1500 on my second casino. I’m not naive enough to really think it’s that easy. I was $2000 up, and loving it. I tried another two casinos and struck out on those, losing about $250. All good, it was fun while it lasted. Those two losses proved its not “that easy” but you can win, and moreover a lot of the gambling I was doing was with free bets and bonuses.

I don’t play bonuses as much these days but with the industry being so competitive it is definitely something that helps you get a bit of an edge in the game! I’ve asked around and come up with a few tips for trying to take advantage of these bonuses, if nothing else you will have a chance to make something with some free money.

1. Check all the sites!

As painful as it is to have multiple accounts on multiple casinos it really is the only way to go. Most casinos will give you specific bonuses for your first 3-5 deposits with your first deposit generally giving you the biggest percentage, take advantage of this as much as you possibly can.

Like my first little run, singing up to multiple sites will give you the maximum bonus percentage and lets you separate your sessions. Separating sessions is boring but smart, not compounding losses or chasing a win is key to being profitable over the long run.

2. Check terms and conditions

Casinos don’t just give money away to whoever is playing, bonuses are designed to draw you in and in the long run, loose. Read the terms and conditions of each site to make sure you know what rules apply to your bonus.

2A. Wagering requirements

A casino bonus will give you certain wagering retirements, usually around the 50x mark. Basically, this is saying that you will have to wager 50x your initial buy in. If the casino gives you 100% bonus and you deposit $50 your initial buy in is $100. With the 50x wager requirement you would have to gamble 50 x 100 = $5000. That might seem high but playing slots you are continually winning and losing (turning cash over) and slowly eating away at that $5000 needed to be able to cash out. You are only one or two decent wins away from being profitable, check the payout figures on different slots and find some that suit your style or what you are trying to achieve.

2B. Percentage contribution

This is something I overlooked initially, different games have a different contribution percentage. Generally slots are 100%, you gamble $5 and $5 comes off your wagering requirements. Blackjack and roulette on the other hand are generally lower, around the 10% mark. This is because the house edge is lower and it would be easy to burn requirements on these games.

3. Maximum bet amounts

Pay very close attention to max bet amounts using bonuses. It might be $10-$30 but if you go over these amounts while using your bonuses the house has the ability to cancel everything. I, along with most people find this crazy as the casino itself should limit the amount so you don’t over bet… They don’t always do this. I can tell you from personal experience that they will cancel your winnings if you abuse these rules. This is a major point worth taking note of.


This may sound silly but find casinos that automatically give you free spins. They are all over the place and there is nothing like gambling for free. Search them out, use them when you can, burn the place to the ground!

5. Check your progress

All casinos will have a section where you can view the progress of your casino bonus. It will show you how far you are through your wagering requirements and any other info that you need. Again, from experience, check this often! There is nothing like losing money because you are mindlessly playing a slot only to figure out you could have cashed out an hour ago.

6. You can decline a bonus

I do this quite a bit. I like to play live dealer blackjack and I’m yet to find an online casino that allows this type of game with bonus dollars. If you get an unwanted bonus, contact support to cancel it. There are also usually settings within your account to turn off bonuses or cancel them as you like. You have the power for more than you realise.

Also, generally when you receive a bonus the casino will play your “real” money first before moving onto your bonus money. If you happen to win big on your first spin a lot of casinos will allow you to cancel your bonus money and with that cancel any wagering requirements attached to that bonus

7. Don’t abuse bonuses

Like I mentioned above, read the terms and don’t abuse the bonuses. Don’t play both black and red on roulette to kill your bonus, don’t over bet and don’t think you’re smarter than the casino. I promise you they have seen it all before and the last thing you want to do is have to forfeit your winnings. Used properly bonuses are a great tool to make some extra money just like frequent flyer points and reward programs can work in your favour.

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